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We share what we’ve learned from homeschooling our kids, Bible Study, and well…just life. We hope it touches you in some positive way.

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Alice holds a master’s degree in financial management and accounting, is an Enrolled Agent authorized to practice before the IRS, has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology

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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Phoenix: A Testimony of Faith is an inspirational memoir written by Alice Rovney. Rovney starts her memoir with memories from her childhood, part of which was spent with her grandparents in Jordan, where she was an oddity with her light blond hair. She was always comfortable with her belief in Jesus; something she discusses with the reader, and she felt strongly that God was there to protect and comfort her. That conviction would be tested on many occasions after Rovney met and married Brhian, her soul mate and life partner. They’d be tested after her visit to her parents led them to lose their home and jobs, and later when their second child died in the eighth month of her pregnancy. Through it all, however, Jesus was there to support and cherish her.

Alice Rovney’s memoir, Phoenix: A Testimony of Faith, is a beautifully written and compelling testament to the author’s courage and faith. Rovney speaks simply and clearly, and I often had the feeling that she was here in my room telling me her story. While some of her stories concern the hardships she, her family and her friends encountered, there is no sense of complaint or self-pity. Even the despicable Gary is discussed with compassion and forgiveness. What a resilient woman Ms. Rovney is, and what a remarkable and inspirational book Phoenix: A Testimony of Faith is! Rovney also shares selections of her poetry that are spare and elegant, and well worth spending some time enjoying. Phoenix: A Testimony of Faith is most highly recommended.

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