Glory: A Christian Inspirational Poem by Alice Rovney

Don’t you find that when you really dig into God’s word that it is so full of encouragement? Literally every single word, phrase and page leads to our blessed hope in Jesus Christ. In the video above I read Glory, a poem I wrote after one of the most tragic events in my life. Even then, when life didn’t make since and it felt like everything around me was spinning out of control, I found God’s peace.

I’ve been searching the scripture for a good quote to include here and I find that there are so many. But I like this one from Isaiah 54:10 because I don’t hear it read that often.

For though the mountains be removed and the hills be shaken, My kindness is not removed from you, nor is My Covenant of peace shaken, said Yahwey, who has compassion on you.

This verse reminds me of the time I was in. It’s difficult to describe but I’ll try. The events of my life were chaotic, uncertain and frightening. I could feel life spinning on around me. People were going about their lives and had forgotten my pain or expected that I should have moved on. I felt so alone in that pain from a human relationship standpoint.

But I did not feel alone in God. I wrote the poem Glory after experiencing a remarkable calmness and peace inside my spirit. Let the world spin around me and let chaos attempt to encircle me. They have no power. For God, my God, has lifted me up and has not forgotten. Because of Him I overcome. Hallelujah!

Peace be on you! God bless and have an amazing day.

Love Alice

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